Sunday, May 13, 2012

Know What Causes Breast Lumps - Swelling In The Breasts

Author: Peter Naruka
One of the conditions experienced by woman is breast lump. It is defined as knot, bulge, bump or swelling within the breast. The condition could be caused breast cancer, infections, and hormonal changed and traumatic injuries. To learn more about the causes of breast lumps read the whole articles.

What cause breast lumps?

The Common Causes

1. Cysts - These are fluid packed sacs in breast tissue that are considered harmful and cancerous. Usually it offers tender and soft feeling causing pain in the breast lumps area. The size of this increases before menstruation but also decreases afterwards.

2. Fibroadenomas - These are from circled tumor inside the breast tissue and also considered as harmful and cancerous lumps, yet they are not manifested with any pain.

3. Fibrocystic changes - This is cause by the alteration in the level of hormone resulting to breast lump in one or on the two parts of the breast. The Fibrocystic alteration might as well as causes tenderness and breast pain before the menstrual period.

Other Possible Causes of Breast Lumps

1. Mastitis - This is a breast infection frequently experienced by women who breastfeed. The infection is obtained because of the bacteria that pass through an open skin on the nipple part. The infection could become boil that gradually develops downward to the breast or might result to cellulitis where in the infection develops underneath the skin.

2. Breast injury - This could cause crack within the blood vessels causing pond of blood to accumulate in part that could turn to lumps. However, this kind of lump is not cancerous.

3. Intraductal Papilloma - This is a tiny tumor that is non-cancerous that develops within the breast milk duct. Up to know the cause of occurrence of this tumor is unidentified. The signs frequently manifested are pink and watery expulsion from the nipple.

4. Lipoma - This is a gradually developing tumor that is also non-cancerous. The tumor usually occurs between the primary muscle and skin layer. The same with Intraductal Papilloma the cause of this is unidentified. But there are studies that show that the common factor that contributes to the existence of this are genes and injury.

Aside from the factors written above there are still the other possible factors that contribute on getting breast lumps like too much intake of caffeine that could be fond on soft drinks, tea, coffee and chocolate. In order to be free the condition it is suggested to have a good healthy diet, do regular exercise everyday and always have a positive outlook in life.